Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Market update

Previous market update here
No change from that previous update so far

but but but.....

We have a so called FOMC day today. I posted our guidelines on what we do on FOMC days here .
Hence, we go into the day rather flat, with very light positions with the buy signals on. The last many days have been very favorable to us, so it does help to lighten  the positions. The rally may continue ferociously upward into 2200 SPX :) , we have no idea to predict the future but that shouldn't matter much. I will use the next signal to trade with the normal size positions.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Market update

VST - on a sell today (ignore = no positions) 
ST - Still on a buy at close today
IT  Turned to buy yesterday
LT/ VLT - Buy = no change

I expect SPX at ~1965 by the end of this month, it means I have a higher target upwards.If you are looking at daily charts and go long, today was such a day. 2.5% stop on IT signals, VST/ ST = get out with profits

Previous update here

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Market update

VST/ ST - Turned to Buy
IT - Sell
LT- VLT - Buy
Previous market update here
ST signal = 4 hour charts = trading, quick buy and sell, book your profits, small stops. Follow the methodology here.
Will post tonight if I have any interesting things. GLTA!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Market update

Previous market update here , no change as of now.
I don't see any bottom in the charts right here. Yesterday morning, the market tried to rally but failed miserably. The afternoon sell off was vicious. I see signs of atleast July/ August 2011 (if not more dangerous markets) when I go through the charts. It will be a miracle for the markets to bottom right here, right today. Price is king, but how will the price bottom when there are no indications at all? Bear markets come with bull traps, so beware.
One of the barometers I use (chart below) is still on a sell, but shows indications of a "near" bottom. Near = doesn't mean today! Near means we are close to it, in time. Not price. The last drop that could be squeezed from the bulls can be big and violent. Hence, don't try to define the future. Just follow the trend.

If you have any questions on this chart, send me a message or reply below. Good luck!

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