Sunday, December 11, 2011

Not so FAST!

 It has been a while since I posted individual chart names. I found some good ones to post today. This should kick off the week for you. I have no idea of the fundamentals of these companies, that is your homework before trading/ investing in them. I will take a look at the sector, analyst estimates, 1 year EPS performance, trading volume before trading. I cannot guarantee I will trade all these charts, these are eye candies. If things line up well, I may trade them. I will definitely post it on Stock fund blog. 

I start with Fastenal Inc. today. Use the trendline on FAST to buy the dip with a 5% stop.

Next is symantec. SYMC has possibly double bottomed, buy it right here with a stop below the lateral trendline. Go short below it.
Below is the HOLX daily chart. Enter the position on a breakout, up or down.

Adobe recently satisfied Steve Jobs' ghost by killing mobile flash. Check ADBE chart. ADBE has been trending up after a good consolidation. Buy on a dip with a 5% stop.

We return to our good old friend, AMZN. AMZN is at the lower trendline of the megaphone pattern. I have a bad view of the fundamentals this company has. Yeah, traffic is growing and the site provides good stuff to buy. So, what? It earns 10 cents. With cash in balance and everything, if Wall Street used good criteria for buying stocks, then this should be below 50$. 

 Sell short on a trendline break but notice long term trendline support. If it breaks below that support, it should go down faster than NFLX.
Mattel Co. has been on the uptrend. With this being the holiday season, I am bullish on the name. The chart supports the theory as well. Buy 1/2 now, and buy on a trendline touch. Sell 3% below the trendline.

Sell BMC with a stop above the channel breakout. Buy if it breaks out of the channel.

BroadCom is bearish for some reason. To be honest, the tech sector is not leading this market. That is definitely not a good sign for the market. 
Sell BRCM below the lateral trendline with a 5% stop. I see a H & S on the chart, do you? If the H & S is real, then we should see BRCM test the 2009 lows.

I am bullish on CSCO. CSCO has double bottomed over the long term. Buy with a 5% stop but if it breaks below the double bottom, sell short.

I am bullish on ESRX but buy the breakout. Wait, have patience!

Here comes KLAC with a beautiful chart. Buy with a 7% stop.

I like NVDA here. Buy with a 7% stop. 

I will visit these names after 4 weeks and we will assess our performance of this basket.

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