Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Market update

Previous market update here

VST - Buy
ST - Sell
IT - Sell
LT - Buy

ST is on the border of sell & buy. No change yet! Our ST positions were stopped at 2% up from where we opened the position...phew! Should the market drop below SPX 2095, we will open the short sell market ST position again. Should the market continue upward, we will take the signal.

The problem is FOMC day. Things are not straight both before & after FOMC day. Never mind as we can wait.....

market update

Previous market update here

We got a warning sign yesterday from our options tool, hardly 2 days into this "buy" signal. But, no sign of VST/ ST signal change yet. So, we remain put. Especially considering it is a FOMC day. We reiterate again that we don't trade around FOMC. We do have 2% and 5%  stops for ST and IT frames.

I am all ears on what the Fed chief will say about our economy. It is just that we don't trade what they say.....GLTA! 

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