Monday, October 12, 2015

Market update

Recently we have launched a $100k trading portfolio. Please click the link, titled "SilverVen's 100k trading portfolio", on the right side of this post.  The trades are revealed to the public in real time on twitter or stocktwits ; The spreadsheet in the link will reveal the same, and track the previous trades. 

Last trades 

Closed SPY from $192 to $199; closed XIV from $24.6 to $27.85

Previous market update here

Current market update

ST - Buy since Oct. 2nd
IT/ LT - Sell

The market has been on a ST buy since Oct. 2nd. The market still is on a ST buy. We closed the ST long positions merely to avoid volatility before the FOMC on 10/08. The liquidity (based on our charts) is considerably better compared to June - Sept. We are about almost to get a buy signal on the IT as well. 


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