Friday, August 21, 2015

VST market update

E-mini set up a positive divergence on the hourly. Go long with a stop at 2005 /ES. Only VST.

Market update

Previous update here

We had to post the previous update to guide ST longs on when to close the position and what levels are important. The /ES futures market was down 15 handles, hence defining levels was important. As posted yesterday, market closed below /ES 2060 and /ES 2035 as well. 

ST - changed from buy to sell
IT - had been a sell signal since July 26
LT - changed to sell from buy

Our options machine is in the "sell" zone, so exercise caution. Chart below. Could this sell move be a headfake? Well, may be, but let the market tell us that point. We are confident to read the charts when that happens.

I am a contrarian but I do follow the charts to identify the trend. I do not play counter trend moves though. Being a contrarian and a counter trend trader are quite different. 

We will post an update when the ST trend changes.


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