Saturday, October 1, 2011

Quarterly performance

Our fund review for the Q3 '11 ended shows a net gain of 16%. We hold no positions at this time. We swing trade or invest in buy and hold when conditions are favorable. When the market is volatile, we actively trade our positions. While market volatility is definitely a cause of concern for investing, our funds adopts a 2 pronged approach to different markets. Our total fund gains YTD have been 39%. We allocate our capital to 2 portfolios in order to maintain a balance between the 2 approaches. One portfolio (I) invests only when conditions are most favorable and another portfolio (II) trades aggressively. Asset allocation ratios in these portfolios change depending on the market trend. Portfolio I has a YTD gain of 13% while Portfolio II has a YTD gain of 46%. Most of my positions trade in ETFs. This helps us to maintain safe positions while still being in profits.

At this time, we hold no positions and remain in 100% cash. For an insight to our trading activity, you can subscribe at Stock fund blog.

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