Friday, May 16, 2014

Market update

Previous market update here
VST/ ST - Bearish
IT - Turned bearish as of market close yesterday (stopped at 1880 SPX long)
LT - Still bearish
VLT - Bullish
I am short SPX right now with adequate chops. That's not a typo, but I meant 'stops' haha. The April - May period every year is full of chops and stops get hit relentlessly. In the my 2013 annual report, I did note the April chops effecting portfolios.
I am short right now but I am doubtful of this decline, let's see. I am watching the options market everyday after close. While $CPCE is in Bearish territory (>0.75 in the bottom indicator) (chart below) ,
it also means that a close below that 0.75 means we are bullish again. If you keenly observe the chart, a rise above 0.75 and close below marks the bottoming process. The process could take a while, we have no idea till confirmation. I would always have 2 positions (trading on the basis of hourly/ 4 hourly charts and swining based on dialy charts) for this reason. I select 2 different instruments if I am in a bipolar mode. And often times, it does work well for me.
If you keep your risk under control, regardless of chops/ stops, you still emerge a winner in the annual horizon. Good luck to you!

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