Sunday, July 26, 2015

Market update

Previous market update here

ST - changed to sell from buy as of close on 07/24
IT - changed to sell from buy as of close on 07/24
LT - buy

ST position: In our previous market update, we posted that we are taking 50% of our position off at 2.5% profit and 25% stopped at 2100. There are times when scaling off seems dumb, for example when the swing trade results in 10% or so. But, that's the reason why we have some left on the table. If the market conntinues in the same direction of our trade, so be it, we will have our chips there. Also, we were not scaling off for no reason. We had this warning sign (chart below) on 07/21. 

IT: IT changed to sell from buy. Previous signal was on 07/17 at SPX 2126. Which is a ~ 2.2% loss of our position. IT loss eats away our ST profits. Ah, humbug!

Anyway, good luck to all! 

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