Sunday, October 4, 2015

Market update

Previous market update here

After we posted our market update before the Sept jobs report, the pre-market tanked to /ES 1890 on Oct. 2nd. At that time, as posted in our blog, we were long on short term. Haven't been stopped out or we didn't add any longs to our position. But, should you have followed our post, you would have benefited from the dip.

Current update

ST - Buy
IT/ LT - Sell

Current positions

We have closed 50% of our ST long position, since scaling out is our strategy. That way if we are stopped out lower, we wouldn't be in loss. Rest of the ST position will be stopped out (lower) or closed when the turn comes (higher). 

IT  - Short from SPX 2078
LT - Short from SPX 2050


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